Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OpenGL Insights

Our new book, OpenGL Insights, will be available at SIGGRAPH, and shipping from Amazon and elsewhere early August.

Christophe Riccio and I served as editors, and worked with 52 authors and 17 technical reviewers from the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and WebGL communities to create 44 chapters and 712 pages on rendering techniques, performance, debugging, profiling, software design, teaching, and other topics.

The OpenGL Insights website is now up.  It contains:
  • Five sample chapters
    • Octree-Based Sparse Voxelization Using the GPU Hardware Rasterizer by Cyril Crassin and Simon Green
    • Performance Tuning for Tile-Based Architectures by Bruce Merry
    • Asynchronous Buffer Transfers by Ladislav Hrabcak and Arnaud Masserann
    • ARB_debug_output: A Helping Hand for Desperate Developers by António Ramires Fernandes and Bruno Oliveira
    • The ANGLE Project: Implementing OpenGL ES 2.0 on Direct3D by Daniel Koch and Nicolas Capens
  • OpenGL 4.2 and OpenGL ES 2.0 Pipeline Map
    • This was Christophe's idea, and his amazing work created the most detailed pipeline diagram that I've ever seen.  I love it.  I have a copy on my cube wall and plan to hand it out the first day of class in my GPU course.  A two-sided 14x18 inch detachable color version is also included with the book.
  • Tips
    • The book includes short OpenGL tips, for example, Depth writes only occur if GL_DEPTH_TEST is enabled.  The website includes all the tips in the book, and we plan to continuously update it, so please send your tips to editors@openglinsights.com.

Big thanks to Omar Rodriguez, coauthor of the Browser Graphics Analysis and Optimizations chapter, for his help with the website.

When I look back at the original call for authors, I am delighted that the final book lives up to the high expectations and broad scope that we initially set.  We received an overwhelming number of chapter proposals, especially considering OpenGL Insights was an unestablished, new series.  Authors put in significant effort, sometimes reworking parts several times in feedback loops with reviewers.  All chapters received feedback from multiple reviewers; some chapters had as many as six.  The reviewer's technical knowledge was humbling.

A huge part of this project's success is due to Christophe.  When I initially emailed Christophe in March, 2011 to ask him to join me in this effort, I said: this project needs your enthusiasm; it will not be the same quality without you.  Quite frankly, that was an understatement.  Christophe's passion, drive, vision, belief in community, and OpenGL knowledge are amazing.  Working so closely with him was a rewarding experience.


  1. That's too kind from you, this is a team work!

  2. Though I do not really understand this precise post, I would like to thank you for submitting a post with tips for internship resumes. It was very helpful as I was drafting mine and I just wanted to show appreciation. I figured it would be easier to post in a more recent one. :)


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