Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cesium - Our New Virtual Globe

Over the past year, Kevin and I - and several other AGIers - have been working on Cesium: a virtual globe engine for the web built using JavaScript and WebGL. Our demos, including satellite and KML visualization, are now live: Use a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

We are very pleased to announce that this engine will be open source. We plan to get the code up on github in the next month or so, and have an official release in August in time for SIGGRAPH.
We are looking to build a strong community around Cesium, and are interested in collaborating with potential contributors and users. Don't hesitate to email me.

For more information beyond the demos, check out my WebGL Camp Orlando talk, WebGL for Dynamic Virtual Globes [pdf]:

We have ported parts of our book's engine, OpenGlobe, to Cesium. In particular, the  Cesium renderer and polygon pipeline are quite similar to OpenGlobe. In some ways,  Cesium is our next generation version of OpenGlobe.

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