Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Signing and More at SIGGRAPH 2011

Stop by the A K Peters / CRC Press booth at the SIGGRAPH exhibition on Tuesday, 08/09/2011, from 1:15-2pm for our virtual globe book book signing. Even if you don't have (or want) a copy of our book, stop by to chat about anything related: OpenGL, 3D engine design, computer science education, etc. If you have a copy you want me to sign but can't make the signing, email me (pjcozzi@siggraph.org), and we'll meetup sometime during the conference. If you're interesting in submitting a proposal for OpenGL Insights, also email me if you want to chat during SIGGRAPH.

If you really want to stalk me, and I fully encourage it, stop by the poster session either right before the book signing on Tuesday, 12:15-1pm, or on Wednesday, also 12:15-1pm. I will be presenting a poster I worked on with Deron Ohlarik called A screen-space approach to rendering polylines on terrain. We are quite happy with the technique and are even using it in commercial code. We are also honored that it was mentioned on the Real-Time Rendering blog (full disclaimer: Eric reviewed the abstract before we submitted it. He also reviewed the abstract for the poster I presented last year. Man, I owe him).

In other book-related news, Brano Kemen from Outerra wrote the first book review we are aware of, and there has been some book-related discussion on the NASA World Wind forums. We're excited that a lot of people are excited about our work.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Virtual Globe Book Updates

We recently added several things to our book's website, including a zip of the example code with build instructions for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu); a zip of most of the book's figures, available under fair use; the bibliography with hyperlinks that all work as of today; and the back cover:

Posting the figures and bibliography is a great idea we borrowed from Real-Time Rendering, who has set the bar for book websites quite high.

More exciting news: Amazon says our book is "in stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process." Hopefully it is shipping by the time you read this.