Sunday, January 2, 2011

Manuscript Submitted

Kevin and I submitted our manuscript today. Writing this book was even harder than I thought. It was particularly time consuming because of the amount of code we also wrote. It was great fun though, and all the reviewers kept us engaged.

We'd like to post some samples in the next month or two. Check out the

  Table of contents [pdf]

and let us know what we should post by leaving a comment or emailing us:

Also, those readers subscribed to our blog may have noticed a draft of this post in your reader a week ago. Sorry, I scheduled the post for 2010 instead of 2011!


  1. what is the release date of the book, i am so excited that such a great book will be on the market.

  2. The release date is June 29, 2011. Since the start, we have always wanted to release it in time for SIGGRAPH 2011, which is August 7-11. So if it is delayed, I don't anticipating it being by much.

  3. Do you plan any digital release before june ?
    I am currently learning OpenTK for a small flight sim project and your book would save me a lot of time...


  4. I forwarded your question to our publisher. Currently, there are no plans for an early digital release. With that said, you can download all of our code examples today. We are also going to post some sample content (once the manuscript is through copyediting), so if any parts interest you in particular, let us know.


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