Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A K Peters Catalog, Amazon, and More

I just received a hard copy of A K Peter's 2010-2011 catalog in the mail. Exciting. What's even more exciting is our book is listed - with an ISBN and all!

To add to the excitement, I just found our book on Amazon. It is also on the CRC Press website. (A K Peters is now part of CRC Press.)

If you visit the Amazon or CRC Press page, you may wonder why the title is 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes, not Virtual Globe and Terrain Rendering, which is listed in A K Peter's catalog and our blog. They are actually the same book (check the ISBN).

In the original book proposal, I suggested the title 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes. After a few months of writing, I suggested a title change to Virtual Globe and Terrain Rendering since there is more content on rendering algorithms than engine design, and I wanted to stress our coverage of terrain. The title still isn't final though. Once we firm it up, we'll let everyone know. Of course, the content remains unchanged.

I also wanted to supplement the description of our book in the AK Peter's catalog. I am listed as the only author, but I assure you, Kevin is the coauthor. The catalog must have went to press before Kevin came on board. Our book is listed as approximately 350 pages. We actually already surpassed that, and Kevin and I will still be writing furiously for another six weeks. The page count could climb as high as 450 in our draft, but once it goes through copyediting, layout, etc., I can see it becoming shorter as figures are organized, fonts are selected, etc.

Finally, we plan on posting some sample content in February or March, after the manuscript goes through copyediting. In the meantime, we'll continue writing posts on chapters as we finish them.

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